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As much as we'd like to help, we cannot answer all of your questions, especially questions about the university's system and official matters. Please read this note first before asking.

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For questions about your USTET results (reconsider, shifting, registration, enrollment, etc) ask OFAD. (http://ofad.ust.edu.ph).

For specific questions about your degree program, call your college’s dean’s office.

Isa lang masasabi ko about shifting: Shifting to other college requires a year of residency. Within your college, it depends.

Changing of program before enrollment: depends on luck, lol

When in doubt, CALL 406-1611.

Get answers from the UST admin mismo about concerns as technical as those. Estudyante lang din kami (well, dati haha)

We will not answer questions na UST admin lang ang may karapatang sumagot. Graduate na kaming mga admin eh, bye!
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Our school puts up the most breathtaking Christmas decors every year. I’m in love. ♥ So much better seeing everything live.

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Ansavee ng trending ang AGAPE? #UST #PaskuhangTomasino

  • Michael: sinasabe natin kapag hindi pa late, "ang agape".............
Hello, Second year college po ako ngayon from CEU Malolos. Nag first year po ako sa UST, tapos umalis kasi bumagsak po ako ng dalawang minor. Next school year, gusto ko po sana bumalik pero ibang course na po. Pwede po kaya yun? :) Thank you.
buhayuste buhayuste Said:

Kung nag-file ka na ng honorable dismissal (pink form ata yun), unfortunately, di na pwedeng bumalik.


#UST #Beato at night. <3 #lights

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Blessed are the few who get to enjoy this view. UST is really such a beautiful place to be + the Paskuhan atmosphere is very evident! Can’t wait to party like it’s the end of the world on the 21st!


Because! thats why!!


UST Christmas Tree 2012


Day and Night photo of UST Christmas Tree. I’m excited for the upcoming Paskuhan. 


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paano po pag swimming yung P.E. ko pero hindi ako marunong lumangoy? tuturuan po ba kami ng paglangoy o strokes po agad?
buhayuste buhayuste Said:

Tuturuan naman kayo.

Justice for Cyrish Magalang :(

Condolence to her family. Let’s also pray that justice be served.

Thomasians! Please lang, gamitin nyo ang online enrollment sa myUSTe sa darating na enrollment. Get a BPI account and register it sa online banking ng BPI, so that we will not end up complaining how long the line is etc. Lalo na yung ibang malalayo or out of the country this sem break. Make it convenient for your parents/representatives naman. Nakakahiya yung naha-haggard sila, meron namang online enrollment. And kayo din, para di na kayo haggard.


Wag nang itago ang way na ito sa mga magulang para lang makalabas ng bahay, lol.

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